Thursday, March 3, 2016

Special Acrylic Painting Techniques on Rayon - Triassic Prints I

This small series about Fossils started with a special painting technique I am using normally on silk only - dye resist painting. This means the shadowy patterns of the ferns have been created with dye paint resists in several layers just similar to the batik techniques only that instead of wax a water soluble gel has been used. It was an experiment because this technique is commonly used on thin cloth such as silk or cotton batiste not on rather thick rayon fabric I used here.

Inspiration came from my love for collecting minerals, crystals and fossils. But not only that I am also digging them up when I find the time and the right place. It is so much fun and very relaxing. Currently though I am rather painting them and so it happened that a couple of paintings became a series about Minerals and Fossils such as this one, called Triassic Prints I.
The name came from the imprints of fossils you can often find in stones. Ferns are the oldest plants on our earth - I love them.

"Triassic Prints I"
40" x 13"
acrylic on Rayon

At the same time this piece should reflect some cosmic incident - kind of abstract presentaion of life being brought to earth through asteroids and meteor showers, when the whole suface was still a soup of bubbling and steaming magma...


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