Sunday, March 13, 2016

Painting on Paper and Wood Block Printing again - Sari I

Collecting the ancient Indian wood blocks was not just for fun - finally they turned out to have a purpose - having more fun to really work with them.

I could paint and do stuff without the need to get into research and delving knee-deep in documentary and meaning and stuff like that as I am normally preparing any painting. Just pure fun. I coud let something out – my passion for intricate ornaments and patterns.

What could be more seductive than the textiles and fabrics from southeast Asia, India, Thailand etc. Their intricate and filigree patterns are pure paradise and it was a challenge for me to imitate this as a painting. Surely I could cut out a piece of a beautiful silk sari, put it on a frame and hang it on the wall – but this wouldn’t have been the same – right? And who on earth would cut a beautiful silk sari into pieces? Arrrrgh…

I love to imitate things in different materials than the original in order to make them look like the original from afar but the point is they aren’t. It is a play with colours and textures and patterns...

Sari I
20" x 15"
acrylic on paper

Btw – this has been painted on heavy watercolour paper first in various hues of red and then block printed with one of my ancient Indian hand carved wooden block prints which I collected over the time. The intricate patterns are just too beautiful not to be used again...


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