Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Silk Scrolls - Desert

Desert belongs to the series of natural abstracts.
The motif has been inspired by the colours and forms of the desert while the sun is going down. Since I have witnessed this incredible natural play of colours I could not forget this incredible scenery again.

These decorative silk scrolls are reminiscent of ancient Chinese or Japanese scroll paintings, their construction though is completely different and has been developed by myself.
While traditional Japanese and Chinese silk scrolls are made from very thin painted silk, that is glued to paper which again is normally covered by patterned silk, my scrolls consist of 3 layers of fabric and no paper at all.

The middle piece is constructed like a quilt with a layer of very thin batting between the top layer which is the painted silk and the back. Headpieces and footpieces are normally made from silk as well, which has been fused to a thin layer of rayon fabric.
The middle piece has been hand painted and machine stitched to add texture.

Different from the Chinese and Japanese painting scrolls where the dowels are glued to the paintings themselves I have created something different: the fabric has been sewn to the back in order to form a little sleeve so that the dowel can be pushed in but also removed again. This gives more freedom in regard of hanging this scroll. Thus it is also possible to mount it on stretcher bars instead, deliberately without the head and foot piece without damaging the whole painting. I'll show an example at the bottom of this page.

56" x 24"
silk, stitched

The last image shows an example how these scrolls could be framed...



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