Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Silk Paintings - The Valley

The Valley is from the Magical Landscapes series that explores the magic of landscapes and special places, the moments of awe when we see the wonders that are created by nature rather than human phantasy, the moments of spiritual connection with the past and the future and the moments of transformation through human imagination.
I feel a deep affiliation with the Hawaiian islands – another part of this world where I felt at home immediately. I cannot explain why this is so – I only know it is true. I have often asked why some places are just familiar and some not so – although there are lots of beautiful places in this world – very few you just call home…

The Valley is painted on real Pongé silk.
The silk painting is mounted on stretcher bars and is gallery wrapped (stapled on the back - sides are painted) and can be hung with or without additional frame. An example how the painting could look like framed is shown below. The painting will be shipped without additional frame though.

"The Valley"
21″ x 40″

Here are some details of the silk painting...

And here is an example of the painting, virtually framed...


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