Friday, April 22, 2016

Silk Carving from the Hawaiian Symbols Series - Ahi Ko A'A

Ahi Ko A'A means "the fire of Lava" and is a silk carving©. This little wallhanging belongs to the series of Hawaiian Symbols. Each of these symbols picks one special characteristic of the Hawaiian Islands. This one, "Ahi",  is one of them. What could be a better representation for the islands than an interpretation of the lava fire you can sometimes see on Hawai'i?

Ahi Ko A'A incorporates a technique called "silk carving©", which is a development by me and was born out of the trapunto techniques but uses multiple layers. The intent of this technique was to create a symbiosis between carving and fiber art. The surface of the fiber was transformed completely into a relief. The upper layer of this piece was made from one single piece of silk - nothing was sewn on top to add depth. The glowing paints reflect the colours of fire and flowing lava. The viewer is supposed to feel the heat. But it is "only" a piece of soft sculptured silk.

"Ahi Ko A'A"
15" x 23"
silk carving, stitched 

This little work is one of my smallest. But nevertheless it is glowing when hung under the right light. Here are a few details.....

This little silk carving could be enhanced by mounting it on a sophisticated frame. I have added a virtual example....


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