Saturday, April 23, 2016

Painting on Paper and Wood Block Printing again - Sari II

Here is my second painting and wood block printing on paper - Sari II. Of course this has been as much fun as the first one. Again painted in red a bit differently and then different wood block patterns of course.

Sari II has also been painted on heavy watercolour paper. The block prints add a graphic element to the painting which is a reminiscence of those precious silk saris Indian women wear for special events as f.e. a wedding.

I have a great love for textiles. Besides creating quite a few painted and hand stitched art quilts, I have done silk paintings where stitching was added to achieve additional textures and shadows. Now theses textures led me to patterns, regular and irregular patterns as you can find on handprinted cloth. Additionally I wanted to access something that I have never used before in this combination: a wonderful collection of old Indian wooden stamps for block printing which contain intriguing and very delicate handcarved patterns. I have always been intrigued to create works that are mocking the real thing - this is another example.

The painting has been glazed with layers of acrylic glaze. Therefore it is not neccessary to frame this painting with glass.

Sari II
20" x 15"
acrylic on paper 

Here are some details again....


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