Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Magic of Crystals and Minerals - Painting a Tourmaline

Here I want to introduce another painting from the Minerals and Crystals series. Why I am so fascinated by minerals I have explained in a former post. For this painting I was inspired by the numerous varieties of tourmaline crystals. Not only do the crystals appear in different colours, the very same crystal can glow in different shades and colours. No crystals ressembles another.

As an aquamarine stands for translucency and clarity, a tourmaline can glow as if lighted from within. This I wanted to reflect in this painting:

“Tourmaline II”
40" x 13"
acrylic on Rayon

In the details below you will realize that you hardly can see any stroke from the brush. The paint has been applied in many thin layers so that the painting will start to glow from within with the right lighting.

Also the fine texture of the material - Rayon - adds to the smooth surface of this painting.


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