Thursday, February 25, 2016

Quilt Art on Silk - Cygnes

Cygnes means "swans", a bird which I love very much for its grace, its elegant attitude, its appearance and as a symbol for elegance and beauty.
Swans are the largest of the waterfowl and generally considered the most beautiful of all birds of the water. Swans are generally seasonal and monogamous  breeders and maintain pair bonds over a number of years or even till the end of their lives.
Swans are said to be birds full of mystic power and often become the symbols of eternal love. On the other hand they are hunted for food and even out of hate because they are said to steal too many fish. So sometimes they become the victim of an overjealous sadistic fisherman which I find extremely disgusting.

This art quilt has been created for pure joy about these birds. I could watch them for hours and sometimes I am very happy to hear them flying by at very early hours in the middle of my town. The art quilt is entirely hand quilted and hand painted.

76" x 54"
silk, hand quilted

This wall hanging has been part of a project called “Piecing a Quilt of Life,” an international project dedicated to empowering senior women by recognizing their creative abilities by Fiber Artist Dottie Moore in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It was part of an exhibition in the Rock Hill Museum for nearly 8 months and was featured on TV in the HGTV channel.

The last image shows the reverse side of this work.


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