Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Krishna and Radha - Part II

The Process

As you could see from last post's images this paravent has practically 3 layers: the figures i.e. bas-reliefs themselves, the ornament that embellishes the scene and which was inspired by the huge portals of Indian temples and a second layer of ornaments that adds depth to the whole work. The latter was attached behind the first 2 layers. You can see this in the following images:

The figures and the first ornamental layer has been carved from massive pine wood. The depth for the figures was achieved through gluing several planks on top of one another. This method also prevents the wood from the danger of splitting after some time due to temperature and humidity changes. Carving from whole massive blocks is always a problem in this respect.
All ornaments have been cut first with a fret saw and then been carved. You can see this below.

In above image you can see the 4rth piece of the triptych - the foot - which has been added to stabilize the middle panel. It can be removed for transporting purposes:

The foot is mounted to the main panel with glued dowels on the upper side and screws with brass nuts on the reverse side.


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