Monday, November 26, 2018

Silk Scrolls - Panaxia 2

Panaxia was inspired by a natural spectacle that takes place in Rhodes, Greece each year:

on the western side of the island there is the Valley of the Butterflies. During August, thousands of butterflies of the genus Panaxia (species Quadripunctaria Poda) overwhelm the valley in order to reproduce. During the rainy season, the caterpillars feed on the foliage of the Mediterranean bushes. Towards the end of May, the metamorphosis begins and thousands of butterflies appear. They move constantly towards areas of highest humidity and finally arrive at the valley.
Due to several factors this natural wonder is endangered: disturbance by visitors. The butterfly cannot eat because it has no stomach. As a butterfly it purely survives from the energy stored from its previous stage as a caterpillar - if it is disturbed it has to fly all day consuming its energy which is needed for the mating season.

These decorative scrolls are reminiscent of ancient Chinese or Japanese scroll paintings, their construction though is completely different and has been developed by myself.

 "Panaxia II"
42" x 24"
silk scroll, painted and stitched

While traditional Japanese and Chinese silk scrolls are made from very thin painted silk, that is glued to paper which again is normally covered by patterned silk, my scrolls consist of 3 layers of fabric and no paper at all.
The middle piece is constructed like a quilt with a layer of very thin batting between the top layer which is the painted silk and the back. Headpiece and footpiece are normally made from silk as well, which has been fused to a thin layer of rayon fabric.

Different from the Chinese and Japanese painting scrolls where the dowels are glued to the paintings themselves I have created something different: the fabric has been sewn to the back in order to form a little sleeve so that the dowel can be pushed in but also removed again. This gives more freedom in regard of hanging this scroll. Thus it is also possible to mount it on stretcher bars instead without damaging the painting.

Here are some details of this scroll:


Shipping info:
The scroll will be shipped without dowels or other hanging devices due to keeping shipping costs low. All scrolls have a sleeve where you can push a dowel inside.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Silk Paintings - Monuments of Guilin

Who would deny that a landscapes like the one in Guilin/China – that has been praised for centuries by hundreds of painters and photographers, even poets – that this landscape is pure magic? Funnily this is a motif one can never get bored about because there are so many different breathtaking views and so many different opportunities to see these landscapes in different light that there won’t be enough works to portray it all.

"Monuments of Guilin"
silk painting on 5 panels
40" x 65"

A couple of years ago an idea was born for a solo exhibition after I had finished this painting. The theme was to show the magic that surrounds us, the magic that lies in small things which might be hidden first, the magic that is in our environment even in things we think we know very well. We just need to open our eyes and see it. This is what I am doing... The theme of the exhibition was "Magic Landscapes".

"Monuments of Guilin" is painted on real Pongé silk, on 5 panels.
The silk is mounted on stretcher bars and gallery wrapped (stapled on the back - sides are painted). The panels are ready to be hung.

The painting's reverse sides are protected by 2 other layer of fabric, one a very thin polyester batting and another fabric as backing. This adds stability to the paintings.

These silk paintings do not request different handling than oils or other artwork: dry environment and no direct sunlight. I have silk paintings on my walls since many years which look fresh and new as if just created. You can contact my gallery in Pittsburgh for reference.

Here are some more details of the painting:

PS. if you would rather like to acquire a fine art print on heavy cotton canvas because you would prefer a different size please check out my other Etsy Shop here:


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Silk Paintings - Qumran

I am fascinated by the discoveries of archeology. I find it extremely exciting to learn about people's lives and habits thousands of years ago. There is always a mystical aura around these stories...

In 1947 a Bedouin shepherd was searching for a stray goat in the Judean Desert. Accidently he found jars filled with ancient scrolls in a hidden cave. That discovery resulted in a sensational archeological excavation, lasting nearly a decade. More caves were found and more scrolls, thousands of fragments, dating from a period of 300 BC to 68 AD, within a time when Jesus of Nazareth lived.

In the same area archeologists excavated the Qumran ruins, a complex of structures located on a terrace between the cliffs where the caves were found and the Dead Sea. The home of the Essener? Until today it is not clear whether scrolls and the nearby settlement whose inhabitants are still unknown, have any connection and why the scrolls were hidden in the caves. The debate continues.

40" x 13"

The silk painting is mounted on stretcher bars and is gallery wrapped (stapled on the back - sides are painted) and can be hung with or without additional frame (please see above link). It will be shipped without additional frame though.

I recommend framing the painting in an additional sophisticated frame if that blends well into your interior. This would complement the silk of the painting perfectly.
If you would like to read more about this painting and see some room example then please check this link on my blog "Art and Interior Design".

The painting's reverse side is protected by another layer of fabric. These silk paintings do not request different handling than oils or other artwork: dry environment and no direct sunlight. I have paintings on my walls since many years which look fresh and new as if just created. You can contact my gallery in Pittsburgh for reference.

Here are some details of the silk painting:


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