Thursday, February 16, 2017

Silk Paintings - Rainbow over Wailua

This painting was part of a solo exhibition called "Magic Landscapes" in Pittsburgh, MA.

The original image was an old travel photograph from back in the 90’s from a tour to the Haleakala in the early morning and the scenery was perfect for silk painting simply because of the light shining through the clouds.

"Rainbow over Wailua"
21" x 40"

On the day when I took the photograph it was on the first third of the way up to the crater – when I remember this correctly – and at a lookout towards northeast of the island of Maui with the rather plain lava fields beyond the tree line. But I am not quite sure any more. In the end it is not really important and I didn’t want to nail it down that it was really the sight towards Wailua bay where the photo was made. I tried to figure out from a map where exactly that view was but that was not easy after such a long time. I hoped the day is not far away when I could check this out personally again.

I am crazy about NOT creating the standard kitsch stuff – I think photos are allowed to show the true beauties of nature which can never be trite - but paintings? I have a deep antipathy against the saccharine stuff. Especially paintings with rainbows easily belong into that category. So this was the real challenge for me: painting a landscape scene with rainbow but NOT making it trite. I leave it to you to judge…

Here are some details of the painting:

"Rainbow" is painted on real Pongé silk.
The silk painting is mounted on stretcher bars and is gallery wrapped (stapled on the back - sides are painted) and can be hung with or without additional frame. It will be shipped without additional frame though.

I recommend framing the painting in an additional sophisticated frame though if that blends well into your interior. This would complement the silk of the painting perfectly (see photo below).

The painting's reverse side is protected by 2 other layer of fabric, one a very thin polyester batting and another fabric as backing. This adds stability to the painting.

These silk paintings do not request different handling than oils or other artwork: dry environment and no direct sunlight. I have paintings on my walls since many years which look fresh and new as if just created. You can contact my gallery in Pittsburgh for reference.

As an example I have added another image of the painting how it could look like properly framed no matter as the original silk painting or "only" as print:




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